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Investing in County Durham

Providing the best property investment opportunity is what we specialise in.

We are not estate agents, we do not have property to sell, we are not biased with property.

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- 01. Our Process

We simply find hidden gems of property that provide everything our clients need.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will find it, taking into account your budget. We take no upfront fees so you will only pay us when we pick up the keys for you.


Knowing your goal, we will source your next buy to let property, showing you options and letting you choose the ones for you.

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We view properties...

…and provide an unbiased written report at no cost, if we feel it’s a good investment opportunity that might be of interest to you.


We also carry out viewings on properties, found by our investors, for a small fee.

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We manage, repair and refurbish...

...where required using our known local trades that are paid the same day to ensure they remain loyal and all of our properties are of the same standard.


This enables them to focus on providing a great service for our properties without the hassle of chasing money.

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We live and work here...

...we have a lifetime of experience with the local people and area. Assessing the area and gaining local opinion of life in the street and whether the property is easy to rent will be part of the report we will provide.


After viewing the property, we provide an honest opinion supported with live photographs and what rent it is likely to achieve. 

If you already have property managed in County Durham and you are not happy with the management. Why not give us a try. You are not tied in to any contract and free to leave any time you wish. We are confident that once with us you will stay with us.

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- 02. Working with synergy

- 02. Working with synergy

The best experience
for our clients

To provide the best experience for our clients, we have a tenant application process to assure both parties are confident to work together.

More information can be provided from our team about our tenancy application form.

Once your purchase is complete, we offer a comprehensive property management service. Assuring your property is safe is part of our job, more information can be found on our property management page.


Find out more about investing with Country Durham Properties by contacting us, we are just a phone call away.

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Investing in the North East

We build rapport with you to find out why you are interested in investing in the North East, what are you hoping to find and what are you hoping to gain from it. 


We promise our tenants a safe place to live that will be well maintained and be looked after properly.

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Your asset is in good hands

It is to create a situation where an investor is safe in the knowledge that their asset is in good hands. We back this up by not signing contracts with you.


We can only achieve this by finding a good property in a decent area that requires minimal attention. Our vetting procedure is second to none.

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