Maintenance Man

Property Management

We can take care of the management of your property.

We know investing in property is a massive decision especially at the lower end of the market sub 100k as lower priced properties tend to attract lower priced tenants right? Not necessarily…

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Good Neighbourhoods

The reality is we can find quiet pockets of good neighbourhoods, put respectful tenants in place and maintain the property in good condition.

We collect the rent and check our bank account manually on a daily basis to ensure we’re alerted immediately to any potential problems. 


In the last twelve months we have had zero unpaid or late rent events because our tenants love living in our properties. We genuinely care about them and they know that so it’s a win win situation.

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Heater Check
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Sit back and relax...

You as an Investor can sit back and relax, we get to do what we love doing and the tenant loves looking after the property. That sounds like a reasonable proposition to us.

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No doubts about condition

Included in our fee is the Inventory to make sure we know the condition personally to reduce the risks of dispute on exit. We take live photos to support the written document and ask the tenant to browse the property with the inventory to make sure there’s no doubt about its condition.

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Fixing a Hole
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We promise...

…the tenant we’ll look after them and we do exactly that. We respond immediately to emergencies and general issues as they have our personal numbers. 


They can see that we care as we resolve issues as fast as we can and they really appreciate it.

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We care...

...about you and your property. We love our properties and take pleasure from managing them. 


We enjoy carrying out inspections and seeing the tenant is looking after it and enjoying living there.

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Keeping up to date

We keep them and you safe by ensuring all documentation is up to date and inspections carried out to comply with the latest legislation.

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Documentation & Processes

We’re members of the NRLA and use all of their documentation to make sure we have legal support and regular updates to our documentation and processes.

Happy Family
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This business isn't about property, it's about people.

The pleasure of finding a great property for our investors and a lovely new home for our tenants is paramount to our existence.

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- 02. Where It Started

Heater Maintenance

Assuring the longevity
of your property

Organising planned and unplanned maintenance is vital in assuring the longevity of your property, therefore no matter the issue we will take care of it.

We care for your property as if it were our own. Therefore we will thoroughly inspect your properties contents and condition. Our dedication to your property is what sets us apart from other property management companies.


Protect your property by investing in property management with County Durham Properties. Contact our team for more information, keep your property safe and secure.

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